speaking & consulting

Using my lived experience and clinical knowledge to help move you forward.


I intertwine my lived experience and personal story with my clinical experience and professional knowledge to create engaging and well-rounded talks around topics related to mental health.

I provide keynotes, breakout sessions, workshops, TED-Style talks, and more to organizations, schools, workplaces, treatment centers, and more. I participate on panels

Some examples of topics I speak on:

sparkleInterested? Send me an email with the subject "Speaking Request" along with information about the opportunity and your budget.



1:1 Consultations

For therapists, mental health professionals, and folks looking to "pick my brain," you can book a 30 minute consultation with me!

Project Consultations

I work with a variety of organizations to provide consultation on projects related to my areas of expertise. 

Some topics I can provide consultation around:

✨ Interested? Send me an email with the subject "Consultation Request" along with what you are looking for and your availability.